Snickers advertises with intentionally poorly edited photos


Poorly edited photos belong to those kinds of things that photographically skilled web users like to make fun of in particular. Because hardly anything else can delight a photographer’s heart as much as unmasking a bold Photoshop fake and deriding the responsible person. 😉

There are quite a lot of examples for such images. Hardly a week passes without a particularly poorly edited photo being spread all over the internet. The latest example is the photo of a plane taken by a photographer from Singapore, which was on everyone’s lip end of January and which even resulted in an official apology from Nikon Singapore.

Now Snickers jumps on the bandwagon with a funny advertisement, claiming that the only reason for such poorly edited fake images is hunger. 😉


Image source:

Just click on the image to see it in high resolution. According to AdWeek, there are eleven errors in total, however I could only discover ten: the hair, the right eye, the right earring, the hand on the shoulder, the necklace, the left shoulder strap, the bellybutton, the horizon, the missing bag and the missing thigh. Has anyone of you also found the eleventh error?

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