That’s her – the coolest granny of them all!

Baddiewinkle, Instagram star and probably the coolest grandma in the world.

Bye Basic – anything but normal! But as we all know, “normal” is boring anyway.


© Baddiewinkle, Instagram

Crazy, freaky, creative, and 87 years old – Helen Ruth Van Winkle or better known as Baddiewinkle. Born on July 18, 1928 in Kentucky. She’s an American online star and probably got more fans and followers than all of us could ever dream of.

She supports the legalization of marijuana, fashion designers compete for the elderly lady to wear their pieces, she has nonstop photo shootings and, besides all this, she also appears on stage.

I don’t think of getting older. I’m not an old person. I don’t know what it feels like to be old or how an old person is supposed to feel”, she says about herself in an interview for nydailynews.
Baddiewinkle, probably the coolest granny in the world, wants to stay in the social media world as long as possible. It gives her strength, it keeps her young and, most importantly, she’s having great fun!


© Baddiewinkle, Instagram


© Baddiewinkle, Instagram

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