Traveling pets

Gandalf the cat and Mack the pug are traveling the world.


Have you ever heard of the Instagram hashtags #adventurecat or #adventuredog? You haven’t? Up until now, I haven’t either.   Both hashtags are booming with 17,000 and 126,000 postings.

No matter if it’s a hiking tour in the mountains or a holiday by the sea – these pets go on holidays that some people can only dream about.

For example, there is  Gandalf (ganddygram on Instagram), a white and gray Persian cat, originally from South Korea, but currently living in the United States. Over the past few months the adventurous cat has already visited nine countries  and he is all this followed by 25.0000 Instagram users.. But next to Gandalf there isalso Mack the pug (pugventurephoto on Instagram)  . His master claims that he loves hiking more than anything else, even though he isn’t a typical outdoor dog. And even if he gets tired, his master will carry him in his rucksack for a while.


© pugventurephoto


© ganddygram

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