In the patterns of the surroundings

This photo series made me smile. Arnaud Deroudilhe wanted to revive the old Vogue covers from the 60s and present them in a new light. So he cut out the clothes on the covers, traveled around the world and looked for the perfect patterns, sceneries and natural forms to make them shine in new splendor.

Arnaud Deroudilhe is a french photographer, filmmaker and artdirector, whose distinctive artwork stands out because of its especially flashy and experimental style.  I will show you a choice of his 60s inspired pictures here, the rest you’ll be able to find on his Homepage.

Another of his series I really liked, is the “Junk Fruits” series – but see for yourselves ! 🙂

This is it, the homage to the fashion from the 60s:


© Arnaud Deroudilhe


© Arnaud Deroudilhe


© Arnaud Deroudilhe


© Arnaud Deroudilhe


© Arnaud Deroudilhe

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