SIGMA News – SIGMA Filter: The WR Ceramic Protector

Filters are a good protection for our precious exchangeable lenses. Since I’m looking for a good filter for my favorite lens, I did some research online and came across the SIGMA filter. SIGMA filters can be applied on all three home-made types of lenses, the Contemporary, Art and Sports lenses. They are available in different sizes and variations, for instance as UV filters or as circular polarizing filters.UV filters are very useful as they filter ultraviolet rays that can have a negative impact on a photo. Circular polarizing filters are used to avoid reflections and emphasize contrasts.

According to the SIGMA website all filters are “easy to use and they have the outstanding quality of being water- and oil-repellent and antistatic.”



The current product range includes five different types of filters, whereas there’s a particular one of which I’d like to tell you a bit more. This is the SIGMA WR Ceramic Protector, the first clear glass ceramic protective filter worldwide.The special thing about glass ceramics is that the glass is very resistant and crystalized. This is a great advantage because it combines both perfect hardness and higher versatility than chemically strengthened glass or sapphire glass, respectively. Beyond this, the extreme hardness of the clear glass ceramic protective filter makes it a lot thinner and lighter than previous SIGMA filters. High transparency in filters is a very important quality aspect that you should keep in mind when buying a filter. In any case, the SIGMA WR Ceramic Protector fulfills all requirements.

Another positive aspect about this filter is the fact that it is even unbreakable when it’s damaged by little scratches or scrapes, which is why it offers a lot more protection than a filter made of ordinary glass.
The water-repellent coating, abbreviated as WR, only reflects very little visible light, to be precise only 0.24 percent. This minimizes image interferences caused by flare light or ghost images. The WR coating allows water drops to drip off and fingerprints to be removed easily. Moreover the WR coating has antistatic qualities that prevent dust from adhering to its surface.

The filter can be bought in seven different sizes. Depending on the model variation, it costs between 119 and 389 Euros on the SIGMA website and, considering what it offers, it’s worth the money.

I hope that this recommendation could help you with your choice, and I’m very thrilled about how you will find this filter if you decide to add it to your camera equipment.

Posted by Beatrice

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