Experiences with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens

50mm- normal focal length and a classical lens par excellence. Recently there’ve been quite a lot of rumors about the Art lens; however, as it is still in another price range and therefore not affordable for many people, I’d like to talk about its little brother today.

So over the past few days I took along the SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM lens and tested it.

With such a lens the main thing that was interesting to me was how it works with open aperture photography and what its bokeh looks like. Unfortunately, with a completely open aperture the result didn’t convince me as much as I’d have wished, however, for low resolution images it’s more than sufficient. From aperture 2.8 on you can achieve excellent results, and the lens of the aperture 5.6 delivers the best image quality.

When holding the lens in my hand for the first time I immediately noticed the high-quality workmanship. Unfortunately, it’s also very heavy. I read in some reviews that the autofocus isn’t supposed to be the fastest. But I think it’s more than just enough unless you do sports photography.

Speaking for myself I can honestly recommend this lens to everybody who’s looking for a cheap and intense lens. In particular for people interested in portrait photography this optics is a must-have and on an APS-C sensor the 50mm, once converted, guarantee the classical 85mm portrait.

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