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Hey everybody!

I was thinking it over and over again. I finally decided to tell you, that I won’t be able to keep the foto[gen]erell blog running any longer.
Due to a couple of things that happened within and to my family, I won’t be able to put enough energy and time into my beloved blog anymore. But since this blog has such a loyal readership and so many of you are following my blog for such a long time already, I simply can’t let the foto[gen]erell blog die.

Therefore, I spent a lot of time to find somebody who would be able and a perfect fit to take over my blog.  I was lucky and even found somebody within my circle of friends.

Tamara and Beatrice are both very talented women, they are devoted to all things related to photography and are really looking forward to continue the foto[gen]erell blog.

I’m sure they will be doing an extremely good job and will provide you with a lot of interesting blog posts.  I hope all of you will continue enjoying this blog and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for being the best readers ever! 🙂

  1. I am sorry to see you go as I have enjoyed reading articles and posts here. I hope all goes well for you and your family. Many thanks for all the work you have put in here – why not guest post? Meanwhile, I look forward to the new bloggers, to whom I wish a warm welcome.


    1. Happy to hear that my blog was enjoyed!:) And thank you a lot! It will all be fine, I’m positive! I really do hope you will enjoy the posts by the new bloggers! I’m a fan of their work and I am sure they will be doing a good job!:)


  2. I Relly enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you very much for the energy and time you invested to share your knolidge with other people. Regards, Predrag


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