Mysterious Street Photography

As is generally known the best artists and musicians gain their success always after they died. On the 21st of April seven years ago the great Photographer Vivian Maier died and left thousands of brilliant photos.
With her series of spontaneous photographs Maier is seen as one of the forerunners of today´s Street Photography.
Her first pictures were taken with the amateur camera Kodak “Brownie” Box Camera with Tri-X-roll film type 120 in 6×9 film format. Any pedestrian, who went in front of her lense in New York in the 1950s, was captured in black and white.
She never published any of her pictures herself. It was not until her death that 1200 of her undeveloped colour film rolls were auctioned and got into the public sphere. Her work can be read as a historical roman of Photography and shows the photographic development of the 20th century. Today her works can be seen in numerous exhibitions and are sold for unbelievable amounts of money.
Until the 22nd of May the Vivian Maier exhibition can be visited in Dunkers Kulturhaus, Helsingborg, Sweden and is surely worth a trip!


Self-Portrait, 1954  ©Vivian Maier

September 1956, New York, NY

September 1956, New York, NY

1957, Chicago, IL

1957, Chicago, IL


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