News from SIGMA for fans of macro photography

The new all-rounder by SIGMA, the 18-300mm F3,5-6,3 DC Macro OS HSM lens of the Contemporary series was presented on the SIGMA website as lens of the month. To revamp it even a little more, the macro lens AML 72-01 was specially developed.


For those of you, who don’t want to spare macro possibilities in a universal lens this means that you gain a higher magnification factor with the macro lens. Nonetheless, the pictures don’t lose any of their quality according to the manufacturer. Without the AML 72-01 the closest focusing distance of the lens lies at 39 centimetres. The working distance is 14 centimetres and the largest possible magnification ratio of 1:3, similar to macro lenses. With the AML 72-01 the magnification ratio rises to 1:2. Furthermore, by zoom-macro photography the viewing angle can still be changed – the creation of close-up images is possible by turning of the zoom ring. What is more, on it the maximum magnification ratio for the respective focal length is marked, so you can always comprehend the magnification of the photographed subject.

The cost of this exclusive macro lens lies at 69€, which certainly is worth a thought for all owners of the general lens.

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