Social Media Updates:

In the past few weeks there were a few useful and interesting updates and innovations concerning some important social media providers. I’d like to briefly show which new features we can use now! 🙂


From now on it’s not only possible to simply write on this platform, but also to write in bold and italics. It’s really easy: If you write a word between two underscores it will show as italics, if you put it between two asterisks it is written in bold. I don’t know what you think about it, but I think it’s pretty cool!


As a devoted photography-fan, Instagram is of course my favorite Social Media Plattform. Next to finding creative inspirations for photos, I also love using Instagram to discover new restaurants.
Simply search for food using the geo-filter and find the right restaurant through the many awesome pictures of food.

Of course, this doesn’t only work for restaurants but also for boutiques and other things J


I don’t use this platform myself, but it’s growing a lot in the last few month and it’s definitely gaining importance. Certainly, there are many new things on here as well. Since lately you can send “Stickers” via Snapchat. You only need to type in a term into the chat window and then you’ll see many different funny pictures/illustrations, which you can immediately share with your friends. Additionally, you can assign your friends your own emojis. Funny idea!

Much love,


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