Kaltblut Magazine


Today there is another tip for a wonderful page-turner – the Kaltblut Magazine. Just like iGNANT, who you maybe read about in one of the last blog articles, this artistic gemstone comes out of the hip city of Berlin.

According to their own description, Kaltblut stands for a symbiosis of culture, photography, fashion, music and media. The topic of each edition offers artists a platform to present their personal interpretations and their own view on the respective topic.

For me a great source of inspiration aren’t only the articles and interviews themselves, but especially the photos and photo series, which are printed in this magazine. They are creative, varied, offer wonderful colours – and of course: unbelievable coolness.



Kaltblut has found its own style, which seems to me a little bit freaky, rebel-like but still very stylish.

Fun-fact: The magazine derived its special name from its founder, Marcel Schlutt, who once learned to tend horses, among them a few name-giving cold-blooded horses “Kaltblüter” as well. The source of inspiration for the magazine is, among others, Tumblr, a melting-pot of those people, who constitute the audience of Kaltblut and the fashion/music/art scene. The magazine is available either as a print edition or digitally and is absolutely worth its price.


Whoever wants to get a free insight into the world of the Kaltblut magazine can follow them on various social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and – of course – Tumblr. The magazine’s website offers a great variety of different topics and photographs, but also videos – good stuff to devour. It’s available under the following address: http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/

 Enjoy the read!

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