In the country with the SIGMA 70-200mm lens

Hey guys,

Today it was time again for another photo walk. It was mainly cloudy but very bright, actually quite perfect for what I had in mind! All those of you who’ve been outside with their cameras on a cloudy day know that then the light is especially soft and beautiful. I like the effect of the images created in such an atmosphere a lot. Besides all this, taking pictures with such weather is very easy as you won’t have to keep in mind the position of the sun or the shadows, respectively.



I chose an ISO-value of 100, which was absolutely sufficient even in darker areas. My aperture value was between 2.8 and 4, as I wanted to focus on the animals and plants. These values resulted in a very high shutter speed and in spite of the long focal length I didn’t need to worry about blurred images.

The most important things for this photo walk were patience and peacefulness on the way. You always have to keep this in mind when taking wildlife pictures. Another aspect that can be relevant in wildlife photography is the position of the camera.  As with taking pictures of humans it will be good in most cases to face the animals at eye level. Then their faces will be much more visible, they will look more natural and the “being” of the animal will be reflected more clearly in the pictures. Concerning this topic, I also have a question for you, would you like a tips&tricks article on wildlife photography (similar to the tips&tricks article on macro photography)? I’d definitely like to write down some little tips for you! 🙂

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