Photo walk in Zingst

Hey guys,

today I’m really enjoying Zingst. Finally the sun is shining and even the wind is less strong than usual. You could almost say it’s warm.
This afternoon I decided to skip the  workshops and exhibitions and  take a stroll through this wonderful scenery.

I was enjoying the atmosphere at the beach and took some photos. The sea, the beach, the light and the numerous seagulls circling above my head –just like a dream.



Everyday I submit one of my pictures for the daily picture projection contest. In the course of an image show the “image of the day” is awarded  with an outdoor camera.

It’s part of the festival’s routine that all the photography fans gather on the beach at 10 p.m. and review the day together. An event I always consider to be the highlight of the day.
At the show the collected video and photo material of the day is presented at the workshops and discussions. This gives you a great insight into all that’s been created during the day and you can see the progress and results of the other work shop participants.







What contributes most to the unique flair of this event is, of course, the special presentation on a huge screen right in front of the ocean. While the image series is accompanied by beautiful music, you lie down, all cuddled up in a deckchair and you can enjoy the show with a glass of white wine.

I could stay here forever! 🙂

Posted by Tamara

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! The beach looks so peaceful


    1. Thank you! 🙂 It really was! If you ever get the chance to visit Zingst, you definitely should! 🙂


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