The „horizonte zingst“ Environmental Photo Festival at the Baltic Sea

At present Tamara and I are in Zingst, an atmospheric, colorful little town at the Baltic Sea. As you may already know, the “horizonte zingst” Environmental Photo Festival is taking place here from May 28 until Sunday, June 5, 2016.

On the one hand, the festival shows the beauty on Earth, on the other hand the photographs are meant to awaken love of nature and rise the awareness for environmental problems and the need for its protection.
Klaus Tiedge, curator of the Environmental Photo Festival, refers to four characteristic keywords relating to this event: “horizonte” is creative, critical, innovative and environmentally sensitive.

Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft  Weststrand Darß DE-MV

Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft Weststrand Darß DE-MV

The central location of the festival is the Max Hünten House in the center of Zingst, which represents an information and advisory center. At this house workshops can also be booked. The numerous workshops are run by well-known professional photographers, such as Benjamin Jaworski, who works as a famous professional adventure photographer in the field of landscape and people photography.

The wide range of offers includes something for everyone’s taste, some topics being, for instance, plays of color, emotional landscape photography, black-and-white portraits, nude photography or even photography of cars and other technical devices.

Beyond that, exciting lectures and special exhibitions are taking place.
Tamara is going to cover a very specific one, the one on “Young Professionals”, which deals with the topic “The new colorfulness of seeing”.
Other events include the “Exodus” exhibition which is being presented by STERN Magazine. It is dedicated to refugees. It shows images of people escaping from Syria, Eritrea and Iraq. Photographer Nikos Pilos has accompanied the refugees on their way which he’s covered in emotional photographs.


Of course, there’s also lots of nature and landscape photography, of which an exciting part is being presented by GEO Magazine in an open-air exhibition: “Celestial – the best shots from outer space”, works by astronaut and photographer Alexander Gerst. But you better take a look for yourselves at the extremely diverse program that you can find online on the festival’s website.

My personal highlight takes place on the beach every evening around 10 p.m. at sunset : the “picture projection show”. On a big screen, short camera impressions of the day are shown in a colorful mix along with the photographic output of the workshops. The show is accompanied by atmospheric music and the roaring of the sea.
It is followed up by the presentation of the “Picture of the day” as an exciting finale. Until 3 p.m. every day each participant of the festival can submit their own photo which will then be shown on the screen. The best image will be awarded with an Olympus camera at the end of the event.

In this incredibly diverse scenery in Zingst and its surroundings you don’t need to worry about not getting any wonderful image for the “Image of the day” show.
The Darß is very close, an incredibly beautiful landscape that looks wonderful and impressive at each time of the day and any kind of weather.
You can explore the waterways on ferryboats departing from the harbor of Zingst and breathe in the refreshing breeze from the Baltic Sea. Those of you getting seasick very easily can take a look at the Eastern or Western beach in the meantime, which aren’t too far from Zingst at a distance you can easily manage on a bike. You can rent bikes at various locations and it’s not expensive at all. On the way you will pass some lighthouses , you can rest on sand dunes, collect some seashells or laugh about the cheeky seagulls.

In a nutshell – Zingst offers a perfect mix of relaxation, scenery, exciting photo opportunities and informative lectures. If you still have some time left – just come over and don’t miss out on all this!




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