Martin Parr:  


Martin Parr, who was born in England in 1952, is one of the most popular photographers worldwide. The exhibition in the KUNST HAUS WIEN is the first great retrospective of the famous Magnum photographer in Austria. It provides a comprehensive insight into Parr’s works.

I must confess that Martin Parr wasn’t really a big name to me,  before I’ve visited this exhibition.  If his name still doesn’t mean anything to you, you simply have to continue reading this article! He had his international breakthrough in the mid-1980s with his photo series “Last Resort”, where he took pictures of British beach vacationers.


Martin Parr intentionally directs our attention to the curious and absurd aspects in our everyday lives. He shows the unspectacular, the ordinary things, the fringes of our day to day lives, which we often don’t even realize. Doing so he uses typical clichés about the English people. Over the years he’s been traveling a lot and therefore created a lot of photo series about different countries and cities, while his key message, however, is always the same. With a lot of irony he shows the excessiveness of our consumer society.

Another special characteristic of the artist is his numerous self-portraits. By now his collection comprises more than 600 images. On his journeys he had portraits of himself taken in photo studios over and over again. This series is certainly also worth taking one or another look.




Here’s the link to his website:

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