Joel Meyerowitz

Being influenced by photographers just as Robert Frank and Henri Cartier Bresson, Joe Meyerowitz is one of the most amazing photographers of our time.
I had the chance to visit his exhibition, which took place at the Kunsthaus Vienna from 17th July – 1st November 2015 and therefor I want to share some of his work with you.
Born in New York in 1939, he used to work in the advertising industry and started taking black & white pictures in 1962.
Soon the MoMA presented his pictures in an exhibition. His Series “From a Moving Car” (1968), “Cape Light” (1978) or the portraits “Red Heads” (1980-1990) got sensational international responses.
As one of the earliest Street Photographers, who shot in colour, he got respectable reputation during the 30s and sold over hundreds of thousands of books about his work. As an art photographer he soon turned towards portrait and architecture photography. His street photography, as well as pictures of empty pools, redheaded people and landscapes are now seen as prime examples of Photography.


His images of the streets of NY show snapshots of an earlier life. Especially pictures of people in combination with the architectural features of the city create artwork, which could not be more spontaneous. Joel himself says about his photography, that he got to know himself better through his work. He sees himself as a servant for photography. It has shown him how to life in the moment. I was really inspired by his photographic philosophy and I hope to spread his art in to the wider world.

So! I’ll go outside now to get some fresh air and search for some motifs.


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