SIGMA News: Teleconverter

The compact and cheap alternative to the telephoto lens – a teleconverter

SIGMA offers two different teleconverter series. Both converters, the TC-1401 and the TC-2001, were exclusively developed for SIGMA converter-compatible lenses in all three product lines, the Contemporary, the Art and the Sports series.

But what exactly are teleconverters?

They are optional optical device accessories mounted between the lens and the camera. They are device accessories that increase the focal length of the existing lens so that a smaller angle of view is captured and the image is enlarged at the same distance from the subject. You can easily calculate the enlargement scale by increasing the focal length of the respective lens by the factor of the converter in combination with the teleconverter. You should keep in mind though that the aperture is reduced by this very value!

Advantages of a teleconverter:

With a teleconverter in your bag you don’t necessarily need a telephoto lens. The clear advantages of a converter are that  it’s very compact and lightand  it’s also cheap. A teleconverter costs only a fractional amount of what you’d have to spend on an ordinary telephoto lens.

Cutting-edge SIGMA teleconverters

The previous versions of converters could mostly be combined with every lens. SIGMA developed its cutting-edge converter specifically for particular lenses though, both on an optical and on a mechanical level. The specific build quality of a teleconverter can guarantee the best image quality.

The SIGMA teleconverter

Currently SIGMA offers four different kinds of teleconverters, two models for each series:

  • 4x Converter EX DG
  • 0x Converter EX DG
  • TC – 1401
  • TC – 2001

The delivery package of each teleconverter contains both front and rear cap. The EX DG series also includes a quiver.

The SIGMA EX DG Teleconverter series:

The SIGMA 1,4x EX DG converter



The 1.4x Converter EX DG consists of 5 lens elements in 3 groups. It is both designed for APSC cameras as well as for full format devices. It increases the fixed focal length by the factor 1.4.


Weighing 188g and measuring 68×20.1mm, this teleconverter is a very compact and light, but an extremely handy accessory to your camera equipment.


The recommended retail price of the converter is 309 Euros.

The SIGMA 2.0x Converter EX DG



The 2.0x Converter EX DG doubles the focal length of the mounted lens. It has 6 lens elements arranged in 5 groups and a lot bigger and heavier than its little brother. It weighs about 240g and measures about 68×45.3mm.


The recommended retail price is 349 Euros.

Specifications of both SIGMA teleconverters 1.4x and 2.0x EX DG

Both converters in the EX DG series are equipped with a super-multi-layer (SML) coating to avoid so-called ghost images which can be created due to reflections on the sensor surface. Besides this it also guarantees good color balance while maintaining the performance level of the mounted lens in the complete focal length range.

Compatibility of both SIGMA teleconverters 1.4x and 2.0x EX DG:

On this link you can check on a compatibility list whether the converters match your camera and your lenses.

The SIGMA TC teleconverter series:

The SIGMA TC-1401



The TC-1401 is a standard teleconverter that increases the focal length by 1.4 times.

It has 7 lens elements arranged in 5 groups and measures about 69.8x25mm. It weighs only 190g.


The TC-1401 is available on the SIGMA website in a set with the following lenses:

  • SIGMA 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary
  • SIGMA 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports


The recommended retail price is 359 Euros.

The SIGMA TC-2001




The high quality SIGMA TC-2001 teleconverter doubles the focal length of the mounted lens. It has 10 lenses arranged in 5 groups and measures about 69.8×48.9mm and weighs 290g.


The recommended retail price for this converter is 439 Euros.

Specifications of the SIGMA TC teleconverter:

Both converters contain glass elements called SLD for “Special Low Dispersion”. This high quality material perfectly corrects image errors. Another big plus of both converters is that they are dust-proof and splash-proof.

Compatibility of the SIGMA TC teleconverters:

As with the first series, you can also take a look at the link  with a compatibility list where you can check whether the converter works with your equipment.

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