Program range update of Leica‘s À la carte series

At the end of last year, Leica announced its multi-color digital M (Type 240) À la carte camera, which for the first time allowed some individualization in many areas, in particular when it comes to design. Now the black-and-white analog M Monochrome Camera (Type 246) is on Leica’s individualized menu. Both À la carte photo surprises have a 24x36mm CMOS sensor with a 24 megapixel resolution.

The rangefinder system, the Leica Maestro high-performance processor and the top build quality perfectly match the Leica design. You can use the camera individually due to different leather trims in diverse colors and textures and many other refined features on the surface. Besides that you could have the camera’s cap engraved. Another aspect that you can select is the display glass made of different materials, such as scratch-proof gorilla glass or even more robust sapphire glass. And you could go for an image field selection tool either in black or in silver, or you can also choose the color of the omni-selector on the back. Moreover, the Leica M Monochrome Camera has a 2 gigabyte storage capacity.


The camera body offers 3 different designs achieving special effects. The black varnished Leica is something for those loving and cherishing Leica’s classical design. The black chrome Leica protects the camera’s interior and makes it look more discreet. The silver chrome layer is supposed to emphasize the Leica M’s elegance.

You’ll be looking in vain for a recommended retail price as the price of the cameras because of their diverse extra features is as individual as the devices themselves. But the basic model of the M Monochrome Type 246 À la Carte is supposed to cost about 7,000 Euros.



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