SIGMA News: SIGMA awarded as “Most Innovative Brand of the Year“



End of June SIGMA was awarded the world’s biggest prize for innovations: the Plus X Award in the category video and photography technology, as “Most Innovative Brand of the Year”. The award was officially handed over to SIGMA in the building of the first German Bundestag in Bonn at the Plus X Award Night.

Robert Kruppa, General Manager of SIGMA Germany, received the prize and commented on the award as follows:

“The honor of such a prestigious prize once again confirms that by introducing our premium strategy SIGMA Global Vision we have consequently and strategically continued developing our markets over the past few years. It proves that in terms of unique image quality, latest photography technology and high quality standards we keep setting benchmarks that convince both hobby and expert photographers on all levels.”


Beyond this SIGMA has already been awarded the Plus X Award for the SIGMA 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art lens in the four categories Innovation, High Quality, User Convenience and Functionality.

These awards prove that SIGMA has hit the mark once again with its Art series and that it is perfectly able to perform on the camera market.

The Plus X Award was awarded for the 13th time this year, the “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” being the highest in this particular group of awards. The most innovative brand is selected every year by evaluating its performance in the following equal genres: innovation, high quality, design, user convenience, functionality, ergonomics and ecology.

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