Dronestagram – a special photo contest that arouses your wanderlust once more

For the third time Dronestagram, a platform for drone aerial photography, and National Geographic have announced the International Drone Aerial Photo Competition. By looking at the winner photos you will see what great fascination bird’s eye photography can exert – the effect of the images is enormous, and so is the feeling of freedom you get from these pictures.

There were three different categories:

  • Travel
  • Adventure and Sports
  • Nature and Wildlife

The three best photos in the Category Travel were:

1st Prize Winner: “Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi” by Francesco Cattuto in Umbria, Italy

Francesco Cattuto shot this wonderful picture on the 26th of December. He went for an evening walk and made his drone fly in spite of the mist. Probably he would have never expected to take this breathtaking photo.


2nd Prize Winner: “Cable Beach” by Todd Kennedy in Broome, Western Australia.

This photo impresses with its image composition and the soft colors. You wouldn’t be able to recognize the caravan of camels striding along the beach from above unless they cast long shadows by which you can easily identify them.


3rd Prize Winner: “Summer Camp of Gran Canaria” by Karolis Janulis in Amadores, Gran Canaria.
Karolis Janulis has captured an everyday life scene on the swimming beaches in a nice and colorful composition – summer at the sea from above.


The winners in the category Sports Adventure:

1st Prize Winner: “Moab Rock Climbing” by Max Seigal, in Utah, USA

Max Seigal is a drone aerial photo addict. He managed to take this breathtaking photo on his hiking tours through the Utah desert as he was looking for a rock for a first-time ascent.


2nd Prize Winner: “Complejo Acuático Norte de Santander” by Juan Pablo Bayona in Colombia.
Juan Pablo Bayona actually is a wedding photographer. But here he took a picture of a swimming competition and added some variety to the total image – by making a drone fly above the athletes warming up. A very successful shot, I think.


3rd Prize Winner: “Chugach Mountain Range” by Tj Balon in Cordova, Alaska

Tj Balon combines two passions – snowboarding and drone aerial photography. The result is worth taking a look at.


Winner photo in the category Nature Wildlife:

1st Prize Winner: “Kalbyris Forest” by Michael Bernholdt in Denmark.

An incredibly stunning photo was taken by Michael Bernholdt in Denmark showing a group of pine trees in the forest next to a creek. The fresh snow that had fallen before makes the image look perfect.


2nd Prize Winner: “Swarm of Sheep” by Szabolcs Ignacz in Transylvania, Romania

Szabolcs Ignacz almost always takes along his drone. Fortunately. Otherwise he wouldn’t have managed to take this photo of a flock of sheep. What is especially beautiful is the contrast between the green of the meadow and the white of the sheep.


3rd Prize Winner: Piton de la Fournaise Volcano” by Jonathan Payet in La Réunion

It wasn’t that easy taking this picture – on the one hand, Jonathan Payet needed a special permit to take a picture of this active volcano, on the other hand the hot and windy air made flying rather difficult for the drone. But it really paid off!



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