SIGMA Background Check – Part 2

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This blog article comes with another 4 thrilling facts about the company SIGMA – we already know quite well how lenses function. But what’s behind the name of the company? What made Kazuto start the enterprise? And what is the profit of the home-made cameras?

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  1. SIGMA

The people interested in photography are likely to primarily associate the term SIGMA with the company. But actually Sigma is the 18th letter in the Greek alphabet (Σ, σ, at the end of the word: ς) and refers to the Latin letter “S”. In mathematics it is a symbol for summation, and it’s meant to reflect the company’s business concept. For the company SIGMA, the name is symbolic for a blend of technology, knowledge, experience and wisdom.


  1. Kazuto Yamaki and SIGMA

Kazuto claims that he was growing up with his father’s wish to take over SIGMA after his death since it was very important for him that the company remain in the family. And family is also one of the key aspects in SIGMA’s business philosophy. That’s why Kazuto first began working in the company’s manufactory as a technical engineer before he could start a management position in the company. Michihiro wanted his employees to get to know his son and vice versa so he would be accepted by the employees as the company’s new CEO.

MT5D0041.jpgKazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma Corporation, Photo credit. Paul Reynolds, Sigma Imaging UK


  1. Camera vs. lenses – what’s their profit?

Kazuto Yamaki was asked in an interview about the profit of SIGMA cameras when compared to the lenses produced by the company. Yamaki replied that the cameras don’t make any profit since their production costs are enormous. Still he wants to continue camera production for as long as it will be sustainable for SIGMA. The first reason for this is the wish of his father who dreamed of making SIGMA a camera manufacturer. The second aspect is a technical one. Kazuto says that the development of camera systems is important to expand knowledge and experience in this field, which helps the company improve the lenses based on experience.


The sales of the lenses, on the other hand, are doing fairly well, very well even, which has occasionally even led to production shortages in the past as there was more demand than there was on offer.


  1. Top job

We already know how nice working for Google must be. But working for SIGMA, according to an evaluation from 2012 (concerning SIGMA Germany), is also far from being that bad. SIGMA Germany employs 40 people in Rödermark (near Frankfurt) who supply customers from 11 European countries. They work from 8.30 am to 5 pm when the doors close, but still they can freely manage their working hours in this period. The reason for that is simple – you can’t keep working efficiently and successfully for hours. Besides that, you can decide on your own to acquire new skills and choose professional trainings from catalogs which get approved by the management department. The entire team attends additional trainings for personal development in order to strengthen their team spirit.

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