Brent Stirton – things that matter!


His pictures are often disturbing and hard to look at, they put emphasis on topics that are often willingly overlooked or even ignored, but this is exactly why they are so important and fascinating.

Brent Stirton – is definitely a Name to remember! The South African multiple World Press Photo Award winner and National Geographics photographer aims to put peoples focus on things that matter. Starting from Global Health, diminishing cultures, sustainability to environmental issues in general, he uses his photos to highlight these issues. His work is broadly acknowledged, he is frequently published in big scale magazines like the TIME, National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Human Rights Watch and many more. Over the years, he received countless Awards, among them also 7 World Press Photo and 7 Picture of the Year Awards, an Emmy and a Bafta Award and he also received two awards form the United Nations, for his work in the field of HIV/AIDS and environmental issues.


Asked on which of his picture means the most to him, he told gettyimages in an interview, that it was the one with the silver-back gorilla being carried in Congo. Shooting those kind of pictures isn’t always safe. Stirton admits in the interview, that after shooting this particular picture he had to escape the Congolese Army, because they didn’t want the story and the photograph of the dead gorilla leave the Congo. But Brent Stirton is willing to risk his live for making the world aware that things like that happen and that many issues stem from humanity and should and could be prevented.


Photocredit: Brent Stirton


Photocredit: Brent Stirton


Photocredit: Brent Stirton

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