Weather Photographer of the Year 2016

There is a lot of talking about the weather nowadays. It’s in the News, it’s talked over at the breakfast table, in the office and even debated in politics. The discourse about the weather is mostly negative these days… natural disasters, climate change, rainy summers, snowless winters and so on…

The Royal Meterological Society together with the Royal Photography Society and their “Weatherphotographer of the Year”  photo competition, remind us that weather and its diverse formations can be something truly stunning. Captured on photos ,storms and clouds can look simply magical.


Photo Credit: Mat Robinson

This year, over 800 pictures were submitted to the 2016 Weather Photographer of the Year contest. A board of judges, such as internationally known landscape photographer Tim Rudman, BBC weather man Peter Gibbs and chief executive of the Royal Meterological Society Liz Bentley, already selected their favorites.

The nominated photos are open for public vote until August 28th.  To see all the nominated pictures and cast your vote, click this link:

For me, it was really difficult to pick a favorite, because all of the nominated pictures are simply stunning.

The overall winner will be announced on September 10th and the Final Pictures will be published in an exhibition and tour the UK at the beginning of 2017.


Photo Credit: Ben Cherry


Photo Credit: Tim Moxon

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