Review: Sigma 20mm ART F/1,4 DG HSM wide-angle lens

Belonging to the Sigma ART series, this wide-angle lens is characterized by its excellent bokeh performance.

With the 20mm Art F/1,4 DG HSM lens, Sigma managed to create an exceptional tool for astronomical pictures. This lens covers a huge focal length, while simultaneously catching big quantities of light with the aperture. High quality night sky pictures are therefore no problem with this lens.

For the affordable price of about 1050€, the processing of the camera body is of an excellent quality and it is pleasant to hold. Although, since it is loaded with technical features, it’s a bit heavier than other lenses. Its weight is about 950grams, which shouldn’t be an issue for an experienced photographer.

unbenannt (22 von 28)-min

Due to the curvature of the lens, which is similar to a Fish-Eye, it is impossible to adapt a filter. If this isn’t an issue for you, then you should definitely go and get yourself a 20mm Art F/1,4 DG HSM lens.

All those who happen to already own a 14mm or a 24mm, and who ask themselves if it makes sense to spend another 1000 € for a similar one, let me tell you that you’ll definitely benefit from the aperture in combination with the huge focal lenght. The aperture allows you to take excellent pictures, even with bad lighting and especially portraits turn out great.

As mentioned above, the lens is also perfect for Astrophotography, since it allows you to capture a wide area of starlit sky. Around the edges you might notice slight contortions, but to be honest, I don’t know of any wide-angle lens, that doesn’t have this flaw.

Since I’m always eager to try new things, when it comes to photography, I decided to try myself on something new with this lens. When it comes to classical Portrait-lenses I tend to be able to take great bokeh pictures, but when it comes to capturing wider crops, I struggle. Thanks to the 20mm and the F/1,4, there is enough room for creative pictorial design and I managed to get, for my relations,  splendid food photography results.

Bottom line: All in all I am positively surprised of how versatile this lens is. Although it’s definitely among the more costly lenses, I think that investing in the 20mm Art F/1,4 DG HSM is definitely worth it. With the incredible fast autofocus, great photo results are guaranteed, no matter if you use it for portrait-, food-, architecture or even night sky photography.

unbenannt (2 von 10)-min

unbenannt (9 von 28)-min

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