New York Air: The View from Above

George Steinmetz

Remember my blog post about the International Drone Aerial Photo Competition? Today I’ll show you something similar – photos taken from a bird’s-eye view. Taken by George Steinmetz, who takes his camera with him on a helicopter ride and who creates jaw dropping photographs while doing so.

More than a year, he took photos of New York from above and the results are simply stunning. His photos of New York are showing the city over the course of time.

Looking at his photos gives me a sense of freedom and they give me a serious yearning for NEW YORK.



With his pictures, Steinmetz captures New York’s exceptional architecture, monuments, sights, such as the famous Times Square or the Central Park, Cooney Island and its roller coasters, huge cab parking lots, events or seasonal highlights like the New York Marathon or the Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center.

George Steinmetz was born in 1957 in Beverly Hills, California and he is widely known for his aerial photography talent. He often shoots while in a motorized paraglide.

Originally he studied Geophysics at the Stanford University and worked as a photographer for various Magazines like the National Geographic and the GEO.

If you want to see more of his fascinating work, have a look at his photo books like “African Air” (2008) or “Desert Air” (2012)






Photo Credit: George Steinmetz

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