A whole new side of David Drebin


Have you ever heard of David Drebin? Well… up until a little while ago I hadn’t. He is an American photographer, famous for his seductive photos. He also worked for a couple of international advertising campaigns, like American Express and Davidoff and took portraits of famous people like John Legend, Kevin Bacon Diane van Furstenberg and Charlize Theron. His work has been published in quite a lot of well known fashion and music magazines, including “Elle”, “GQ” or the “Rolling Stone”.




So that’s David Drebin. The photographer mentioned in an interview, that he loves to have a multifaceted nature. Next to all the high fashion shootings he did something quite different. His new photo book, which is called “Dreamscapes“, features some of the world’s most popular cities, above all his hometown New York City, as well as diverse landscapes.
The name “Dreamscapes” doesn’t come from nothing; his photos are dreamy masterpieces, full of soft colors and magical lighting conditions. The picture of Jerusalem for example, was taken at an especially magical moment, Drebin captured it when the sun broke through the heavy clouds above the city.  Another great picture is the one of Central Park and Manhattan, when mist swept all over the city. In some of the cities, like San Francisco and Paris, he even arranged a bunch of hot-air balloons to glide over the whole city. He knows how to play with dramatic lighting and colors and this is definitely one of the main characteristics of his work.

See for yourself and let David Drebin take you on a magical ride through some of the world’s most beautiful cities.





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