Small things in the city


A sunny summer afternoon in the city. Always with me, my camera and my favorite lens, the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1,4 DC HSM.

Sometimes I like to photograph small things and most of the time, exactly those photographs are the most valuable souvenir to me. I’m not a materialistic person and I don’t care about having a bunch of material things. That’s why I value my virtual collection so much. Today I went for a spontaneous expedition through the city and I decided that I take a closer look of things, something I usually don’t do.

The spectacular depth of field, that I love so much, allows you to be particularly creative when it comes to close-ups. Let me tell you one thing, once you decided to focus on small things, you’ll have an eye for them immeadiatly – sometimes you’ll even come across pretty weird things – who would throw cotton candy in the bin?

Have you ever noticed that there is so many hidden messages all over the city? They are painted on walls, on lantern poles covered in stickers and they are written on the streets. I didn’t take a photo of those messages today, but maybe you’ll stumble across a beautiful note! I found my personal favorite about three years ago on a electricity box. It was a sticker and it said “Bounce home! ”

Well, WHY NOT?






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