FacesbehindVoices – An inspiring project by an inspiring person.

An autodidact, who, instead of telling his date of birth, rather tells that he loves Spaghetti since 1977. A guy, that went to Berlin for a couple of years, just to give it a try and who is now able to pride himself with collaborations with PhaseOne and Broncolor.



Portrait of the photographer

For a couple of months now, this photographer is exhibiting his pictures at all of Germanys large train stations. He named his conceptual art work “FacesbehindVoices”. I stumbled across Marco Justus Schöler on Instagram, because he liked one of my photos. So I looked at his profil and discovered his latest project. One could say – that’s how self-marketing works nowadays, you show digital interest and probably get it back.
To me “FacesbehindVoices” is a particularly exciting project. The artist puts up huge Portraits in the train halls, which feature the faces of famous German voice-over artists. And here’s the exciting fact about it: The pictures of Marco Justus Schöler are accompanied by the voices of the voice-over artists, and since we know the voices from movies and shows, we associate a whole different person with the voices we know so well. The voice, that we think belongs to Cameron Diaz, is actually the voice of a whole different woman. The German voice-over for James Bond also looks quite different to Daniel Craig…

Schöler already held all the exhibitions of “FacesbehindVoices” 2016. But he plans to continue in 2017. Where the exhibitions take place will be announced at the end of this year. But one thing’s for sure, next to Germany, there will be stops in Austria and Switzerland. Next to his exhibitions, there was an App specifically designed for his project, a photo book and unlimited alu dibond prints, which can be ordered on the “FacesbehindVoices” website. On this website you can also get a little sneak peak into this stunning photo project.

A visit on Marco Justus Schölers personal website is also worth it. It’s full of humorous and beautiful portraits of famous and unknown people. Photos, that are fun and truly inspiring.

Enjoy! 🙂





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