A photowalk in Vietnam

Hey guys,

last month I made one of my greatest wishes come true by traveling to a country of which I’d been dreaming for quite some time – VIETNAM!

And I can tell you right away – it is a breathtaking and multi-faceted country that has something for everyone’s taste! From fantastic beaches and high mountain ranges to turbulent cities to small sleepy villages and unique landscapes this country offers everything.


 On the first of August I took the plane via Dubai and Bangkok to Hanoi. Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and, after Ho-Chi-Minh, the second largest city in the country. As I went on my first walk through this city I was absolutely mesmerized! You simply can’t compare cities in South East Asia with European cities. The streets are incredibly busy, full of cars, taxis, thousands of motor cycles, bikes, carriages, pedestrians and people pulling huge trailers. It is noisy. Extremely noisy. And there are even many different kinds of odors.  With every step you’ll get thousands of new impressions. I’m overwhelmed! Sometimes taking pictures is even difficult as there’s so much going on so your senses are overloaded and you don’t even know on where to focus next. 😉






On my entire trip I’d taken my Canon 5D MarkIII with me and I’d decided for the  SIGMA 24-105mm f4 lens. In my next posting and on my next location I’d like to tell you how my equipment performed on this trip.


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