Summer is almost over and life is slowly but steady going back to its common ways. With summer ending, comes the end of vacation season for most of us as well. At least those kind of vacations which include the ocean.
I am one of those people who would be totally happy with a yearlong summer and who already misses the ocean while standing at its shores on the last day of vacation. For me the ocean definitely plays a major role during summer and I’m sure it is the same for at least some of you. 😉
In my yearning for the sea, I stumbled across Pierre Carreau a couple of days ago and I was instantly fascinated by his AquaViva series. He showed me a whole new side of my beloved ocean.


The artist manages to capture something as vivid as a wave in the ocean at the exact right moment and makes it look frozen in time. His pictures let you observe the waves in detail and one cannot deny its spectacular beauty.

Asked on what fascinates him most about photographing waves, Pierre Carreau answered, that water itself is simply amazing to him. Water, which basically has no color, can, through the reflection and refraction of light, possess all of the colors in the world.

His photo results are always a surprise, even to the photographer himself, because, you can’t plan or stage something as wild, vivid and unpredictable as water. For a great wave picture, like the ones below, he needs a lot of patience and most of all luck.
To me, his Idea is simply genius and impressive. Pierre Carreau is truly a photography inspiration to me. What do you think of his work?




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