TED Talks Photography

I watched my first TED Talk about 2 years ago and since then I’m hooked. Whenever I feel uninspired, down or have troubles getting started, I watch a TED Talk and it motivates me instantly. There are countless inspiring talks on the website and there are talks for pretty much any topic or situation. No big surprise that my favorite category is of course: Photography.

I have to admit, that I watched my favorite photography TED Talks far more than once. Among those favorites is definitely the talk by Jonathan Klein. He speaks about pictures that changed the world and highlights the immense power and influence that pictures can have on history and people. During his talk he shows some of the most famous pictures in the world and informs his audience about the link between those pictures and milestones in history of mankind.
Photographs can be opinion-forming, they can be thought-provoking and they can make people reconsider their behavior on certain things. I’m highly recommending this TED Talk to all of you.

„Images provoke reaction in people and those reactions provoke change.” (Jonathan Klein)

A jubilant American sailor clutching a white-unifo

One of the first TED Talk Videos I was watching, was “My wish: Let my photographs bear witness” by James Nachtwey. He is a documentary photographer and specialized in, what he calls “anti-war photography”.  By showing some of his pictures, he gives a very rousing insight into the wars and conflicts he witnessed due to his work. His goal is, not to take pictures for the mass media like so many of the press photographers do, but instead portrait the wars and conflicts from the perspective of those who are most affected. Honest and uncensored and getting his life endangered more than once. Anecdotes from his notes and pieces of his own personal memories and sentiments make this Talk especially moving and intense.

„It [documentary photography] gives a voice to those who otherwise would not have a voice” (James Nachtwey)


I have to admit, that I was quite excited when I discovered the TED Talk of JR. I’m a fan of this foto artist and most of all, his project “Inside Out” for quite a while now. His talk didn’t disappoint me. He aroused worldwide attention with his project and got people all over the planet involved in it. This way his Inside Out project became a tool in the fight for human rights. How this worldwide involvement looks like can be seen in his TED Talk and on his website.


„Can Art change people’s lives?  – Yes“

Many of those TED Talks are an inspiration to me, others remind me of how much injustice and need for change there still is on our planet. They remind me that all of us have to look out of our own personal bubble once in a while, so that we don’t forget that there is still much work to do in this world.

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