Photo Walk

After Hoi An, Hanoi and Sapa I continued my Vietnam trip to Dong Hoi. Near this city you can find many interesting caves, the biggest ones in Vietnam and in Asia and even the biggest in the whole world! Big enough for a jumbo jet and higher than some skyscraper – the Son Doong Cave in Central Vietnam is breathtaking. But this cave isn’t the only one that’s worth to be seen. There’s an entire little jungle inside another cave and another can only be visited by boat. All caves are located in a National Park which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2003.



Today I’d like to show you some photos of the latter. I have to admit that taking pictures inside caves is a tough test for every kind of camera and every kind of lens. It was very dark as the big cave was only illuminated with a few dim lights. Very nice for the eyes, but quite hard to capture on camera. With my Canon EOS 5D MarkIII, my SIGMA 24-105mm f4 lens and a very high ISO range I took the challenge and took a few pictures.

At this point I’d like to tell you a little “trick” I like to apply later in case a high ISO range can’t be avoided. I edit the pictures I take with a high ISO range and which therefore have a lot of noise in a black and white format. In my opinion the noise in black and white images is much less annoying and also much less evident. Besides that you also have the option of removing the noise to a certain degree with special noise filters when editing the images on your computer while keeping all the details and the sharpness in your pictures. So never forget using a RAW format when shooting in dark caves. 😉






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