Off the beaten track with Sightsmap


Are you also one of those people, who always have their camera or their smartphone on hand? Ready any time to take a photo, no matter if you are walking around your own city or traveling the world? I’m definitely one of those people. Whenever I leave the house, I’m looking for my next photo motive and since I’m living in one of the most photogenic cities in the world, my memory cards are full within only a few hours.

When I’m traveling it’s even worse. I’m often catching myself shooting exactly those buildings or places, which were snapped by millions of people before me. “Photo hotspots”, so to speak. As a result, my pictures are often pretty identical to those of millions of other photographers and that is exactly what I don’t want them to be. This is way I started to search for the most photographed places in the world and then NOT take a picture of them. 😉

Sightsmap is the perfect tool for that mission. Like an infrared camera it shows you the “hottest” , meaning, the most photographed, places in the world. There have been pretty amazing findings already, also about human behavior. For example, the map made obvious, that most humans do stick to the beaten paths and therefore, most of us experience and see the same things while traveling. That is a pretty scary insight for me. That’s why I decided to walk off the beaten path and to take more photos of places and sights, that aren’t on top of the Sightsmap ranking.  Who knows what Photo treasures I will find?! 😉

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