SIGMA News -SIGMA announces three new lenses at the Photokina

SIGMA makes its fans happy – the Japanese camera and lens manufacturer announces three new lenses at the Photokina, which is currently taking place in Cologne.

 A new lens for the SIGMA Sports series

SIGMA 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM: the SIGMA Sports series (S) adds another top model! According to the manufacturer it will be available with SIGMA, Canon and Nikon bayonets.

It can be used on full frame cameras.


Those who decide for this particular lens will have some weight to carry for the quality it offers: the 16 lens elements arranged in 11 groups and equipped with one SLD and two FLD glass elements weigh about three kilograms. What’s important for a sports series lens is its dust and splash protection. The tube is made of a magnesium alloy. With its 500mm f/4 SIGMA wants to guarantee consistent performance across the entire image area.

An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet. We’re very much looking forward to this lens!

The Art Series has new members!

What I’m really happy about is the announcement of two new SIGMA Art lenses.

The first new lens is the SIGMA 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM which has been launched as a third generation ultra-wide zoom lens. It’s available with SIGMA, Canon and Nikon bayonets and designed for full frame cameras. As with the SIGMA 500mm f/4 the lens groups consist of several aspheric lenses and elements of FLD glass which is supposed to reduce distortion and lateral chromatic aberration.


The third lens presented for the first time at the Photokina is the SIGMA 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM from the Art series.  The things that have been promised so far may sound very tempting for open aperture fans – with the new 85mm lens SIGMA promises especially harmonious bokeh and a reduction of chromatic aberration.

It has a built-in HS motor which is said to perform considerably faster than its predecessor. This lens will also be available for SIGMA, Canon and Nikon FF cameras.

As with the 500mm f/4 lens, no exact release date has been announced for both Art lenses.sigma-85mm

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