Do you know the land where lemons grow?

…Goethe wrote in a poem. In the beginning of September I was looking for summer and traveled to the Cinque Terre region where I not only discovered a lot of nice photo subjects but also countless lemon trees. While it started to cool down back home, here the sun was burning in the sky. And wherever you walked, everywhere you’d pass by sweet-smelling tomato bushes, different kinds of Aloe Vera plants – and, finally, by lemon trees.


The five little towns in the famous Liguria National Park are a little paradise for photography fans even if you don’t enjoy the culinary delights you can grab from the trees with your own hands. No matter if it’s Monterosso, Rio Maggiore or Vernazza – they may all look similar but yet they’re different. In Monterosso, for instance, you can walk to the Città Vecchia, the surprisingly charming historic old town, through a tunnel. Far from the touristic main street it’s still possible to stroll all alone through the small colorful lanes and let the special flair leave an impression on yourself and on your favorite lens.

It feels as if endless hiking paths lead into the hills far above the little towns from where you get a fantastic view over the area and especially to the sea. It will make you stop and enjoy the atmosphere over and over again. I always understood Goethe’s love for Italy. But now I understand it even better. My camera and I would have loved to stay here forever. By the way, on this trip I’d taken my favorite travel lens, the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 Contemporary, with me.





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