Fabulous science photography

Science can be so incredibly dry. That’s what I often thought during my studies. And I think everyone can understand what I mean. Well. This year’s competition for the best science photo, which takes place for the second time and is organized by the renowned British Royal Society, proves the opposite.

 The awarded photos look so fabulous and dreamy as if they’d been taken from a Disney movie. But take a look for yourselves – and get enchanted by the stunning beauty of science. Here I’ve chosen my favorites for you, but you can find more photos on the website of the Royal Society.

 Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Behavior
  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Micro-imaging

Beyond that the overall winner was awarded as well. Deservedly. I think. Because Imre Potyó captured the flight of mayflies at night. The photo was taken at the Danube River in Hungary. While the stars, which we like to associate with a very big time span, shine in the background, these incredibly short-lived insects sparkle in the foreground.

Dancing with stars “The nuptial dance of mayflies” / Imre Potyó

bild2“In a world without colour” / Tane Sinclair-Taylor ( Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science)

bild3“In balance“ / María Carbajo Sánchez (Category winner: Micro-imaging)

bild4“Departing eagle ray“ / Nick Robertson-Brown (Category winner: Evolutionary Biology)

bild5“In search of food“ / Jonathan Diaz-Marba  (2nd place winner in the category: Behavior)

bild6“Butterflies and caiman“ / Mark Cowan

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