The perfect travel lens

After a warm holiday season during which I enjoyed singing the praises for the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 lens I thought of telling you a bit more about my experiences with it in this article.


For a number of reasons this particular lens, which by the way belongs to SIGMA’s Contemporary Series, is always in my camera bag.


  1. Quality: The quality of the SIGMA 17-50mm hasn’t disappointed me so far – with a consistent open aperture of 2.8 you will get a great depth of field and amazing bokeh without losing any sharpness in the foreground. It’s perfect for all those who like me enjoy playing with depth of field.

  1. Weight: Of course, the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 does have some weight because of several elements, but you can still take it on your trips very easily. Compared to other lenses of similar quality it’s a bit more compact.

  1. Focal lengths: This aspect is extremely important for me, especially when I go traveling. I want to swap my lens as rarely as possible, as in the very moment you grab your bag to fix the right lens something nice could happen that I’d like to capture but might miss because of the lens swap. The lens has a focal length of 17-50, which means that it covers wide angles as well as normal focal lengths.

  1. Build quality: I’ve been using this lens very often for quite some time now and as I mainly take pictures when I travel, this lens has been going through a lot. However, it’s very robust and has an excellent build quality, it’s very handy and user-friendly.

  1. Price/Performance: You can already buy this lens online for about 300€, which I consider really cheap for a lens of such great quality.

However, one disadvantage of the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 is that it’s only made for APSC cameras and therefore can’t be used on full frame cameras.

When traveling this lens fulfills every photographer’s need, as it is handy, compact and takes amazing pictures. I can recommend it to all those focusing like me on detailed pictures and portraits on their trips. But even the far-angle landscape photos look very nice with this lens.



  1. Nice photos, comments, and I love those sunflowers!


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