Red Bull Illume Image Quest

One could argue that Red Bull has its finger in every pie.  And that is somewhat true, no denying that! 😉 Even when it comes to photography, especially sports photography, Red Bull knows exactly what they are doing. With the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, they created the greatest international photography contest in the world. The focus thereby lies on action and adventure sports.

There are 11 categories to which one can submit photos. The newest category is “Mobile”, the rule for this category is, that only pictures can be submitted, that were taken with a mobile phone or tablet. The contest, which took place for the 4th time this year, saw 34.624 images taken by 5.645 photographers from 120 countries.


Photo-Credit: Lorenz Holder

At the end of September the winner was chosen by a jury of 53 photo editors. The winning photo was, once again, taken by Lorenz Holder, a German photographer who won the contest already in 2013. From all the final photos I’ve seen, the one by Lorenz Holder also fascinated me the most. The perfect symmetry, the gorgeous autumn colors and the highlight – the BMX biker right in the middle of the bridge. Simply stunning!!

But there are more great photos among the finals. You can see them all on the Red Bull Illume page and I can assure you, that there will be more than one picture that blows your mind.



Photo Credit:  Jaanus Ree


Photo-Credit: Markus Rohrbacher


Photo-Credit: Satchel Cronk


Photo-Credit: Daniel Vojtech

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