When leaves change their color…


The days get shorter, the leaves change their color and temperatures drop. It’s autumn – a wonderful and nice season of the year for taking pictures! The light conditions are very special and offer incredible opportunities in photography.

In the following article I’d like to list some tips and tricks for you (or me, at least) to take advantage of the autumn and to shoot some beautiful pictures.


  1. Tracing the fog

Fog can certainly upgrade the quality of many photos as they will look mystical and as if taken in another world. In interplay with the sunlight breaking through clouds this can turn out to be a stunning subject for your pictures. The best thing to do is to focus manually in such cases and to do backlighting – but just give it a try!

  1. Don’t be afraid of bad weather!

With rubber boots and a rain jacket right into the wilds – it’s the most diverse weather conditions that can make your photos very special!

  1. Early birds and night owls

The light condition which especially in autumn dips the low sun into a yellow and orange light is always something special.

  1. The minor details…

Not only the fog is typical of autumn. Mushrooms sprouting from the humid soil. Water drops falling off the colored leaves. Insects hiding and chestnuts spread all over the ground. Sometimes even these minor details can make impressive photos.

And that was it, grab your camera and head into the autumn scenery!









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