A sunny Sunday in October in Vienna

Last weekend I decided to relax and forget about my daily stress and walked out in Vienna with my camera. The Sunday in particular welcomed me early in the morning with its warm sunlight and turned out perfect to move on right away and enjoy the day outside to the full. Ranging from taking pictures in an old abandoned house and a sunset above the vineyards in the city in autumn to the light show at night, which has taken place for the second time at the Natural History and Fine Arts museums, all was included. Beyond this, there were also a lot of warm sunbeams and in the evening I enjoyed my first “Punsch” (mulled wine) for this season. From a photographer’s point of view this Sunday was very exciting since I got confronted with many different light conditions. A true challenge for the camera I’d taken along, the Canon EOS 600D, and the SIGMA 35 mm f/1.4 DG HSM lens.


1.   Location: The abandoned house

The abandoned house where I took my pictures is a dream. It’s a wonderful three-story villa with a lot more to discover, ranging from old wallpaper to rusty keys and special furniture. The lighting mood was fantastic, however it was also rather dark – despite the sunlight outside. The SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 did not let me down, though. Thanks to the perfectly working wide-open aperture I was able to keep the ISO value very low and still I took top-quality pictures reflecting the atmosphere.


2.   Location: Sunset above Vienna

I always become happy when I see cities from above. The hustle, the many impressions, the noise, everything seems to dissolve all at once in this wonderful panorama Vienna offers when seen from the vineyards. Enjoying the last sunbeams for today I captured the surroundings with my camera and the lens. As you can see in the close-up picture of a withering scrub the SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 delivers a really amazing depth of field and fantastic bokeh with a fully open aperture.


3.   Location: The light show on the museum facades

For the second time the facades of the two famous museums, the Natural History and the Fine Arts museums, have been turned into a huge screen where diverse light effects are displayed. And I was looking forward a lot to seeing this live this year. Accompanied by harmonic sounds, the walls of the buildings turn into colorful images every other second. Once Archimboldo’s “Four Seasons” were projected while in the next moment small figures rushed across the museums. This was an impressive show, which is why I wanted to try to capture it with my camera right away. This time I took my pictures with a higher ISO value, again with an open aperture and short shutter speed. You can see the results below.


For a couple of months now the SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM has become one of my favorite lenses that keeps fascinating me over and over again. Especially after today I was very convinced once again by its performance.


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