Wonders of the ocean-The lookdown fish


Owning the power of invisibility, who hasn’t dreamed about owning it once in a while? It could definitely come handy in some occasions.

Exactly this power immediately caught my attention, when I discovered a picture by Iago Leonardo in a magazine. The picture shows a swarm of grey fish. So far so unspectacular, BUT once you have a closer look, you see that above the grey swarm, there is another swarm of almost invisible fish.

This kind of fish is called Lookdown Fish and thanks to tiny plates in their skin cells they have the ability to appear almost invisible. Those plates disperse sunlight in a way that makes the fish look see-through, especially when you look at it from below – like in the picture by Iago Leonardo.

As almost everything in nature, this ability also has its purpose. This way the Lookdown Fish does have a greater chance to flee from its predators when in danger.

The Spanish photographer Iago Leonardo managed to capture a breathtaking picture of this spectacle of nature. The see-through swarm of Look Down fish almost looks like a painting. Many of his other photos really impressed me as well and I can only recommend you to have a look at his website. 😉


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