The SIGMA sd Quattro is the big winner!


The sd Quattro is the Award winner of the German Design Award 2017

Last week SIGMA published some very good news – the mirrorless SIGMA sd Quattro  has received the German Design Award 2017  in the category Entertainment with a Special Mention.

The prize is awarded by the German Design Council, an expert for labels and design in Germany. It’s meant to represent the German design industry and supports the economy with increasing the brand value through design. There are three different categories of this renowned award – the official Gold, Winner and Special Mention labels.

SIGMA’s sd Quattro with its Foveon X3 direct image sensor technology was awarded along with the multi-functional PG-41 Power Grip and the additional EF-630 flash light system.

Big winner at the “Good Design Best 100” Award


There’s even more reason to cheer even if it’s been one week already since SIGMA with its sd Quattro has also received prizes at the “Good Design Best 100” Award, which was sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
The evaluation of the jury was the following: On the one hand SIGMA has created a new and innovative style with its special camera design while on the other hand – and this is even more significant for all of us photography fans – it’s the top quality that distinguishes SIGMA’s camera system.

The “Good Design Selection“ Award, also called G-Mark-System , has existed since 1957. Many companies and designers not only from Japan but from all over the world participate in order to enhance the economy and our lifestyle with design. The logo of the award, a filled red circle with a white “G” in the middle, has become a symbol for quality and top design. The contributions and participants come from many different fields. Since the foundation of this prize about 43,000 design concepts and 1,200 designs a year have been awarded.


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