“Piper“ – Pixar’s little high-flyer


This time our article won’t relate to photography. It will be about a topic that fascinates me as much: movies. And currently there’s one movie that’s taking the world by storm. It lasts only 6 minutes, it’s called “Piper” and was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

 When in the beginning of the story the first waves of the ocean were rolling across the wet sand, I was wondering if this was really an animation movie because it was made so magnificently.

 The story is about a baby sandpiper, a bird species which mainly spends the summer on the coasts in the far north and then flies down to New Zealand or Australia in winter. A sandpiper only grows about 20 centimeters and subsists on picking insects and sea shells in the sand with its long beak.


And that’s what Piper, the little sandpiper in the movie with the same name, still has to learn. He isn’t very well experienced in the water, he’s even scared of it. With great respect he moves to the sea which provides him with food. But right at the first try the baby gets caught by a big wave. Confused and crumpled he gets washed back to the beach where he makes friends with some mini crabs while trying to find some sea shells. Then the little guys teach him how to get his food.

 Pixar doesn’t only tell the story in incredibly fascinating high-quality animations but they also use a lot of emotion and humor in their latest short film. By the way, “Piper” is the second film about birds produced by Pixar. 16 years ago they managed to fascinate a big audience with “For the Birds”.

 I was lucky to get the chance to watch this movie in the cinema, but today I found it here.  I certainly want to share it with you because in the near future this film is likely to be widely discussed and receive some awards.

 Don’t miss “Piper”! Enjoy watching!




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