Is Kodak the new big player in the smartphone business?


Source: Kodak

Since a few days it seems like everybody is talking about the new smartphone by Kodak. As many of you might know, it’s not the first try by the photography giant to establish itself in the Smartphone business. Back in 2015 Kodak introduced the IM5, but it wasn’t a success. The second try, with the “Kodak Ektra” seems to be more successful right from the start. At least it’s already getting a lot of media attention. The Ektra resembles a camera like no other smartphone before and Kodak clearly aims to reach all the photography souls out there. For many of us, taking photos with our smartphones and most of all the quality of these photos makes up a big part in our decisions to buy or not to buy a smartphone.
The new Kodak phone is definitely eye candy for everybody who loves photography. The retro design resembles the old Ektra camera from the 1940s and when it comes to the cameras performance, Kodak scores with a 21-mp camera and its own photo-app.
I read a couple of reviews about it already and most of them are pretty good. For me, a passionate photographer, the new Kodak smartphone-hybrid is of course very appealing and I’m really thinking about getting myself one, especially because I constantly stumble across great photo motifs, but I don’t always have my camera on me, the Ektra might be the solution for that.
If the pictures taken with smartphone-camera hybrids can really keep up with pictures taken with classical camera pictures, has  to be found out. I’m also not quite sure if smartphone-camera hybrids like the Kodak Ektra are going to establish themselves. What do you think? Will cameras in the original sense soon be obsolete or will true photographer always opt for the real thing?
Would you consider getting yourself a smartphone-camera hybrid like the Ektra?


Source: Kodak

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