Around the world with Instagram

If I think about it, I’m pretty glad, that I’m living in a part of the world, where there are four seasons. I love that nature changes its appearance every couple of months and most of all, I love capturing these changes on photo.

Nevertheless, I can’t help it , but I’m a child of the summer and especially now, during winter, my longing for faraway places gets stronger by the day. Whenever I can’t just hop on a plane and fly away, I click myself through the “travel hashtags” on Instagram. I know that I can’t escape my flat nor winter with that, but it always makes me feel happier and it inspires me. Today I want to show you my Travel Instagram favorites:


Kathi and Romeo are, as they describe themselves on their Instagram profile, journalists and travel blogger from Vienna. What I like about their Feed is the mix of insights into their personal life and their stunning pictures. I came across their profile looking for photos of India and since then almost every single picture left me in awe.


Photo credit: Sommertageblog – Instagram


I’m getting pretty jealous, whenever I have a look at the feed of Dan and Audrey. Those two are basically living MY DREAM. They are traveling since about 15 years now and their Instagram profile, which could almost be called a blog, provides you with more than great photos. They also give you anecdotes about their personal experiences and a lot of precious insider information.


Photo credit: Uncornered_market – Instagram

Expedition Happiness

Traveling the world in a school bus. I think, the expedition happiness bus alone is worth having its Instagram account.  Selima and Felix bought an old American school bus and renovated it. The result is an amazing Loft alike Vehicle that can easily compete with a luxury apartment. The two of them and their Bernese Mountain dog are traveling the Americas since then, providing their follower with videos, photos and a lot of great stories. Selima and Felix are actually giving their bus away soon, so if you are interested, check out their blog and buy a ticket for the raffle.


Photo credit: Expedition Happiness – Instagram

Lea Rieck

Incredible bold, adventurous and very inspiring is Lea Rieck. She is a female solo traveler, which travels with her motorbike, which she calls Cleo, to faraway places and places that don’t always have the best reputation. Besides of her incredible courage, I admire her for the way she documents her journey. I love her photos and especially her Instagram story fascinates me every single time.


Photo credit: Lea Rieck – Instagram

What do you think of my favorites? Did you know some of them already and if yes, why are you following them? 🙂

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