Berlin Wonderland


During the day there aren’t many hours left where you can sit in the sun and enjoy the daylight. At the beginning of this week, however, while strolling around Kreuzberg I found some time to shoot some photos in the evening atmosphere with my camera which was equipped with the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM on that day.

 On that day many leaves kept falling off the trees and the sun pushed its light through the clouds. An autumn day couldn’t be much nicer… The thing I found quite amusing was a sticker saying “Berliner Sommer” (“Summer in Berlin”) on a post surrounded by some withering leaves. The last reminder of a warm season…

 What I really like about Berlin is its surprisingly reappearing television tower. You keep finding it behind so many corners, when crossing a street or behind the rooftops. And every time it pops up I enjoy its sight.


In Kreuzberg you can find many special shops in every street. That’s why I enjoy strolling past the blocks with their shopping windows, browsing books and vintage clothes in the glass windows and finally I am drawn to a little café by the smell of coffee.

 Although I prefer lenses with a larger range of focal lengths on photo walks in the city simply because you can do many more things with them, the SIGMA Art 35mm turned out to be some very good companion. I could capture close-ups and details as well as bigger sceneries very well with this lens. What is especially nice about it is the enormous light intensity it offers. But I’ve already raved about this on some other photo walk…




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