“Restlicht” by Bernd Nicolaisen


Gib eine Beschriftung ein

For most of us, the thought of spending time in a place, so extremely cold and inhospitable as an ice cave is not a very pleasant one. Nevertheless, there is no denying it, eternal ice and those parts of the world where you can find it, are incredible fascinating and stunning to look at.

Photos of ice caves, icebergs and ice formations of all kinds, with their countless shades of white, grey and above all blue, are somehow magical and surreal.
One that has been especially fascinated by the wonder of eternal ice is Bernd Nicolaisen.

The Swiss photographer, who originally worked as a coiffeur, started his photo career in fashion photography. To have a balance to the fast pace of the fashion industry, he started to devote himself to nature photography. His passion for ice, led him to Iceland year after year since 2004. He documented his spectacular journeys to ancient glacier caves and icy landscapes with his camera and his photographs are a display of bizarre ice formations and incredible beautiful reflections of light.

“My work speaks of the clarity of icy surface structure and the immensity of translucent ice. This is what my ice tales are made of” (Bernd Nicolaisen)

By now, Nicolaisen is a successful nature photographer. Since 2004 he worked on his “Restlicht”, or “Residual light” project. In the course of this project he and Christoph Frutiger produced the documentary “Restlicht” and he also published a photo book: “Restlicht Bernd Nicolaisen”. If you want to have a look at the trailer, click here.

Of his work with ice, the photographer himself states, that it takes a lot of patience waiting for the right moment to shoot a great photo. Nothing is staged in his photo process and that is exactly what impresses me so much about his work. Most of the time the photographer is confronted with difficult conditions, be it extremely cold, rainy, snowy or fogy. Knowing that, the result of his decade long photo exhibition is even more sensational.

I didn’t know about Bernd Nicolaisen before I came across his photo book, but now I am a real fan of his work and I can highly recommend the book and also the documentary to all of you.


Gib eine Beschriftung ein




Photo credit: Bernd Nicolaisen

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