Cats of Istanbul

For me, there has to be a city trip at least once in a year!
This year it was time for Istanbul, but before I start to tell you what I liked the most about the city, how great the food tastes there, about all the great impressions and the amazing photo motifs I came across, I want to tell you something else.
Something, I enjoyed, from a photographers point of view, as much as visiting all the touristy sights.

I’m talking about CATS! 😉
I’ve never before, been in a city that inhabits more cats than Istanbul. Every single corner, every park and in all the streets, no matter how busy, you’ll find them – Istanbuls’ street cats.


Photographing the city was a true pleasure, because Istanbul is such a diverse place. There are the markets with their gorgeous array of colors, busy areas with lots of people, the ocean, the old town and above all , all those cats. I even came across a cat in the famous Hagia Sophia. 😉

For my trip to Istanbul, I packed my favorite travel lens, the SIGMA 17-50mm F2,8 EX DC OS HSM and I shot most pictures with a wide open aperture. I’m pretty satisfied with the results and as I mentioned before I’m really impressed by the quality of this particular lens.

So, to all the cat people among you – book that trip to Istanbul! 😉











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