Happy End for Pumpkin the Raccoon

It’s nothing new, that animals on Instagram are a huge success. We already told you about Mack the Pug and Gandalf the cat which travel the world and bring in a lot of money for their owners while doing that. Today we want to tell you about another furry star of Instagram: Pumpkin the Raccoon.


Pumpkin fell of a tree when she was just a baby and her mom abandoned her. Luckily this tree was standing in the Kemp Families’ garden and it was quickly decided that the baby raccoon will be adopted.

Today the family can’t imagine a life without the raccoon and Pumpkin and her dog siblings add a lot of action and fun to the Kemps’ life. Since day one, the family shares their experiences and memories with Pumpkin on Instagram and the furry family member turned into an Instagram star. Pumpkin has over 1 million Instagram followers by now and on her feed her owners allow those followers to be part of all the adventures, the play fights with her dog-siblings, her fun times in the pool or their family dinners. It seems like Pumpkins life couldn’t have turned out better. By now, Pumpkin is not only an Instagram star, but there is also books written about her story.

As pumpkin herself, also her dog-siblings have been rescued by the Kemp family. On Pumpkins’ Instagram account her owners regularly call attention to the thousands of dogs, cats and Co. waiting to be rescued from the animal shelters all over the world. Especially now, during the holiday season, this topic is very important. Animals are still a very popular Christmas present and year by year many of those “presents” end up in animal shelters once Christmas is over.

The fact that some of those animals end up in loving families and spend their lives happy and healthy is being portrait on Pumpkins’ Instagram account. This is one of the reasons why we love scrolling through her feed.







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