A reading tip for cozy days


There’s nothing more beautiful than spending your Christmas holidays reading by a warm fireplace, I think. That’s why I was especially happy with the book my grandpa had put under our Christmas tree this year. It’s called “Fotografieren für Blogger – So machst du Fotos mit Klickfaktor“ written by Katharina Dielenheim.

After some brief paging through the contents and some pages I already knew what this book offers:

1# It answers questions like:

  • What kind of lens is good for the pictures I want to take (…no matter what. The author focuses on many different aspects).
  • How do I use Available Light in the best possible way for myself and for my subject (…no matter which subject. You can read about playing with shadows and experimenting with backlight portraits. Or with what kind of light configuration food will look really delicious).
  • I love my SLR camera. But – what are the alternatives when I don’t always want to carry so much weight?
  • How do I make my pictures look exciting?
  • (very good for badly organized chaotic guys like myself): What preparations should I make before a photo shooting?

2# The central theme

The easily understandable explanations of technical basics in photography are the central theme in all chapters. Since over the past few years I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge in the field of photography thanks to my studies, the explanations about light, aperture etc. aren’t anything new to me. Yet reading the brief and exact paragraphs about all this once again – as a kind of revision – is very interesting. For all those who’d like to extend their knowledge this book is a perfect read. With its well-structured table of contents all the different fields of knowledge are divided into different chapters for a good read. So you can immediately begin discovering aspects that seem interesting to you without having to search for a very long time. So if you wonder how white balance works out manually finding the right page won’t take you long.  But the special thing about this book is that it doesn’t only cover technical topics in photography but also blogging. Here you can find many interesting tips how to improve preparing and editing photos for blogs.

Conclusion: To everyone, no matter how advanced you may be in photography, this book will offer something new.

3# A structure that’s fun

The book reads like a do-it-yourself guide, which is great fun! It has a clear structure and a lot of photos and practical stories, which makes it an inspiring and motivating read.

From the first conception of a photographic idea to the question and analysis of why understanding a camera is so important, to some great input about light and lighting, to the construction of photos, inspirations for better blog pictures and the breakdown of different subfields in photography (such as cooking and fashion) and much more – you can enjoy browsing all the different chapters.

Conclusion: It’s never wrong learning about the many aspects of photography which you often don’t even think about. Especially when reading is such great fun.

4# Immersing yourself

The beautiful thing about this kind of books is that you don’t have to read them from the beginning to the end but you can immerse yourself in the aspects that interest you most. Especially if you already know a lot about a certain topic reading about the correlation of aperture and exposure time again won’t really be necessary. However, I found the practical tips dealing with blogging and the interrelation between text and pictures and their increasing importance particularly interesting.

For this reason this book in particular is the ideal choice to make yourself comfortable in your living room on the Christmas holidays to do something for your inspiration and motivation and still not to miss out on the chats with your family.

Conclusion: While filling your stomach with cookies let yourself get inspired by the photographic innovations and progress in the new year.

Those of you who’d like to get an impression without buying the book right away: the author Katharina Dielenheim has her own blog called Huckleberry Fling (www.huckleberry-fling.de).

Enjoy discovering, browsing and reading!


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